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When nothing goes right, go left.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It’s very strange that we have adopted technology driven by state-of-the-art innovation but are cornered by thoughts seeking new dimensions.

How many times have we ended up being pissed off or frustrated about something? Something that we tried hard to accomplish but every attempt wanted us to try again, even though it was better every time. Those attempts which were yet striving for success have delivered enough learning too with the commitment still unnegotiated. We won’t like to quit with an exasperated garland over the head.

Challenges had visited me quite often with a very little that I could have done about it. It took some time to overcome the same but had me whacked up every time. Of course proactiveness started peeping in, relaxing me against the unwanted odds. The need to get better every time kept knocking my nerves for quite some time.

Though a little late than never, I realised that the approach needs to be a bit unusual than I ever thought of. Yes, approach seeks more importance above all, specially when in dire straits. When the solution(s) can’t be derived straight you may need to think unconventionally. It’s time we rethink the way we see the world. And now I simply say “when nothing goes right, go left”.

Ratan Tata envisaged the idea of the most affordable car, which was initially welcomed with sceptical thoughts from all around. It was in March 2009 that the most affordable car was launched by Tata leaving all the odds behind. It was the Nano, a car that would cost a little more than a bike fulfilling the dreams of many who wanted to own a car but affordability had made them feel impossible.

It’s not just problem solving but even accomplishing the dreams demands the brain to think differently at times.

What makes us stop from thinking beyond the box?

We don’t look at finding any alternative solutions, we ideally look at the best practices. We work around with what we know or we have seen others work. More importantly we have a tendency of believing something can’t be done rather than thinking how it can be done. We are content with what we have gained from our experiences and thus disregard exploring beyond our knowledge.

Change is inevitable. it needs to be embraced. It's a need to either better ourselves or the surroundings around us. The world today is challenged with oil crisis. We will see the it drifting more towards alternate sources of energy. Electric cars and solar solutions would definitely be a necessity in the years to come.

Is it really challenging to think differently?

McDonald’s over the years have won more over the kids than just the taste of their food. When we encounter a problem or when we wish to accomplish something new we try to find answers to a lot of "why?" and "how?" but fail to think "what else". If you think pencils are used only by the school children then what do the engineers and the architects use? A toothpaste is even used to clean the car's headlight if they have turned foggy.

Pen down the problem or the goal. Write anything and everything that relates to it. Draw down more relations. For instance if a kids diaper is a product that you need to promote then maternity homes can be looked at as the start point of marketing.

All you need is to push your brain into the habit of thinking more constantly than ever. Think with a fresh mind. Put yourself into peace not necessarily isolation, but for sure not to be surrounded with disturbance.

Will thinking differently work?

Don’t just assume, figure out the pros and cons before implementing an idea. Reckless thinking can be fatal.

If your idea adds value to the human life or the business then that’s it. If an idea has competition and better values being added by the competitors then it may need better reasons for survival. Solution(s) needs to be futuristic too, only addressing the present will find the future in weary state.

What should your thoughts be supported with?

A vision. Also it should be based on facts and figures. Analysis can keep assumptions at bay. Need for a change or trying to better something will create an end goal in mind with everyone aware where they are heading towards. Old wine in a new bottle may not work great. Just trying to do something differently to be portrayed as an inventor is baseless.

Will creative thinking be useful in personal life?

We spend 3/4 of our time with our family. With different thoughts that everyone possesses there may be squabble(s) or argument(s). Think of answering / speaking without blaming anyone. Also avoid a sarcastic behaviour. A better thought process may control the voice modulation itself. A family is a place where everyone has the right to speak and express themselves without being restricted upon. Family is all that matters. If the food cooked is what you don't like then simply mention "oh it's a bit different today" never say "it's pathetic" or anything that points to someone's cooking. Overall, "mind your thoughts, the words will mind themselves". Also ego is an unseen evil that can shatter the feelings we hold for each other.

Remember timely communication without assumptions holds the key in making a successful family.

Should creative thinking be implemented in a work profile?

A study by Gallup in 2017 reveals Only 29% of workers strongly agree that they're expected to be creative or think of new ways to do things at work.

“While we're all capable of finding new ways to help our company succeed, we may not put in much effort, or feel welcome to, unless creativity is expressly required.“

And when workers have an idea for a better way to do their job or come up with market-moving products or services, they should be publicly recognized. It's flattering to be applauded for a good idea -- and even if that idea won't work, someone else's iteration of it can lead to big things.

Consider Play-Doh, for instance. First manufactured by a soap company in the 1930s, Play-Doh was sold as a wallpaper cleaner until an employee's sister-in-law had a more creative idea: Call it a toy and market it to kids. Hasbro acquired the brand in 1991, and now Play-Doh is one of its best-selling products.

The wisdom

We are blessed with a brain over the other living beings. When we object something or deny accepting any challenge, we lock our brain in comfort, cocooned to reside with what it has. Similarly when we think of the already known facts we are thinking no different. Thinking is a habit, if you aren’t habitual to it then you might end up accepting what’s being fed to you.

Creativity is an asset these days needed much for problem solving and even upscaling the business or the personal life and it also needs time and freedom.

Remember when at crossroads or in a situation take a pause, believe that you will overcome it and then try to do it a little differently than what you have been doing so far. A pen and paper at this time might sound childish but when used to point out facts it might give you ideas never thought of. All you need to do is write down the challenge, it’s impacts and what you think an ideal scenario would be. Try and then bridge a gap between what is now and how it should be.

Although maturity plays an important role in shaping ones thought process, creative thinking will still need a bit more.

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