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Design all for them.

Serve them before they are engaged with you, when they are engaged with you and post their engagement with you. What they expect from you? How they need to be interacted? What does value mean to them?  These are some basic thoughts that would build a culture for the customer and to serve the customers. Is it that easy? It's basically a paradigm shift in the organisation core belief.


Implementing the same would payoff the below at large;

1. Retains customers or simply improves renewal and acts as value-addition.

2. Eases the overall sales process and even the customer service.

3. Entire business gets a competitive edge.

4. Sustains the demand-supply balance.  

5. With the customers engaged it acts as marketing tool.


1. Know your Customers.

Analytics plays a critical role in safeguarding customers interest and caters largely to their needs. 

3. Business Alignment.

Internal policies when designed for the customers eases out in interacting with them and ensures a smooth delivery.

5. Implementation.

Do it step by step. Executing everything at once would be hectic. Phasing out is very important.

2. Market Segmentation.

Competitive study of the market would outcome value-addition and better delivery to the end user.

4. Communication.

This is the key in making the entire exercise a success. Awareness would have active involvement from all.

6. Revisiting & Celebrating.

Measure the before after effect and set up a program for rewards and recognition.


8 Hours is the total duration of the training.


This is a leadership program suitable for the leaders now or to come.


Max of 25

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