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Good Leaders Make Great Organsations

Charisma of a good Leader is defined by his/her act. Providing directions seems too traditional, you need to do it all by yourself to begin with and thou shall be followed.

The Training envisages transformation of the Leadership thought process from mere influencing to changing lives. ​It as well enables the leader to strike a balance between departmental goals and peoples interest.

The program offers you the below features; 

1. Creating momentum within the team.

2. Build relation and rapport with the team.

3. Improving productivity and increasing emotional intelligence.

4. Asserting freedom to work thereby resulting in auto-pilot teams.  

5. Understand the need to produce leaders.


1. Position Vs The Act

Leaders create a larger impact and influence with their act over their title. Actual respect is held by the person and not the position

2. The Triangle.

Leadership basically evolves around people, performance and reproduction. 

3. Striking Balance.

Driving performance and the team needs a balancing act from the leader. This is the beginning.

5. Auto-pilot.

Envisaging the momentum where everyone knows the impact of working for the common goal.

4. The Leadership Matrix.

Understanding the tool that enables leaders to see what needs be fixed and getting the optimal performance.

6. Creating Leaders.

Great leaders focus on creating leaders. The effect cascades to growth of all the leader, the followers and the organisation as a whole.


Can be optimised based on the TNA for anywhere between 8 to 16 hours.


This is a leadership program suitable for the leaders now or to come.


Max of 25

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