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Hiral has been into reshaping the business and business processes with an influx of customer centric culture.  A 360-degree customer centric culture can put most of the departments on an auto pilot mode with everyone engaged towards delivering the desired outcome.

With over 20 years of experience across IT, ITES, Banking, Finance and Supply-Chain; Hiral has held key positions managing client / investor relations and business integration.  He holds the ideology of designing every business process with addressing the customer's needs through active involvement of each and everyone in that particular function or department. 

"If you wish to foster positive customer experience than design your business for the customer" ---- Hiral.

Mind Feeding

Reading enables mental, emotional and psychological growth. Knowledge appreciation is must to keep yourself abreast with the world.  Crisp and to-the point  contents supported by factual data creates a productive and long lasting impact on the readers.

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